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Vocational Services

We believe that there is a role for everyone in the labor market. Our goal is to help program participants find their role, obtain the skills necessary to accomplish it, and increase their independence 'on site'. To this end, CIWP provides a wide range of dynamic and individualized vocational opportunities.

Work Preparation

Participants are supported with a 'ready to work' foundation. They learn broad skills such as work ethic, time management, staying focused, and following directions. They may also learn more specific skills such as how to interview, and task related skills such as stocking shelves, filing cabinets, organizing inventory, or even janitorial duties. Participants are encouraged to work toward specific and measurable skills that can be applied to many work prospects.

Paid Work

Once ready for gainful employment, participants with the help of our job development team, find paid employment in the community. We proudly work for Valley Children's Hospital, Trader Joe's, Cold Stone Creamery, 7-11, Subway, Pizza Hut, Olive Garden, Shell, Chili's Bar & Grill, Curves, and many more.

Volunteer Opportunities

A variety of non-paid work opportunities in the community are also available for participants in their job readiness phase. We proudly contribute to our communities in our service to: Project Ride, Local Food Banks, Triton Museum, Santa Clara City Library, Children's Discovery Museum, Bruceville Terrace, Happy Hollow, St. Vincent de Paul, East Bay Regional Park District, Senior Gleaners, among many others.

Participant Owned Business: "Nano Enterprises"

CIWP is proud to offer this exciting vocational alternative of business owning. With our assistance, program participants will learn the process of developing and running their own individual 'nano' business. This program develops a business model based on individual interests and skills. Some of our business owners operate vending machines, make and sell hand made gifts, greeting cards, organic produce vending, among many others.

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