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Community Integration

Accessing the community is the core element of integration. CIWP supports and teaches program participants to use all available community resources in their life activities such as cashing or depositing pay checks at banks, budgeting and completing shopping tasks at community stores, planning and enjoying restaurants outings, using the public transportation systems for easy access to and from places, and navigating busy streets safely as pedestrians.


Self-advocacy is achieved by directing the course of one's life and standing up for one's rights in a respectful and effective way. CIWP works with our participants to advocate for themselves on many levels. This ranges from expressing oneself respectfully and assertively to becoming an informed and active voter. Self-advocacy is the focus of weekly Self Advocacy Meetings, called People First Group.

Health Maintenance

CIWP teaches how to value and care for our health. As such, we teach to make healthy choices in nutrition and physical activities. We highly encourage participation in the regional Special Olympics program along with other favorite fitness programs easily available in local communities.

Social / Interpersonal Skills

The Social Skills and Effective Communication Assessment targets participants' ability to cope with common social stressors, identify emotions and the triggers for those emotions, respect the personal boundaries of various groups of people, and engage in basic and complex conversations with community members, staff, and peers. Participants work on these social skills through a blend of facilitated discussion, role playing, and real-time modeling in the community.

Augmented Communication

The ability to communicate effectively opens the door to countless opportunities for increased independence. Participants are assessed on their ability to both receptively and expressively communicate basic wants and needs. For participants who do not communicate verbally, CIWP offers training in various Assisted and Augmented Communication (AAC) techniques. The most common of these are picture communication, object communication, and sign/individualized gestures.

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