Services Offered

24/7 Mobile Crisis Response

Crisis Response Project provides 24/7 mobile crisis intervention, crisis de-escalation,and crisis prevention to consumers at the following Regional Centers:

  • ​Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center
  • Regional Center of the East Bay
  • San Andreas Regional Center
  • South Central Los Angeles Regional Center
  • Westside Regional Center

The main goals of Crisis Response Project are to stabilize and assist the consumer and families in crisis, prevent unnecessary psychiatric hospitalizations, and to prevent police involvement. Crisis Response Project is highly effective even in the most difficult crisis situations due to high level of crisis training, quick response times, and the community partnerships that have been created.

Crisis Behavioral Training Program

In addition to our 24/7 mobile crisis team, we offer an intensive (short-term) crisis behavioral program that consists working with the consumer and support system who is experiencing an increase in crisis behaviors. A highlight of this unique program is to bring “a crisis stabilization environment” to the consumer and families directly to reduce or eliminate problematic behaviors. A CBT  counselor works alongside primary caretakers in providing training in effective behavioral interventions. A CBT counselor trains in the implementation of an existing behavioral plan or works alongside a CRP behaviorist in creating a new behavioral plan in order to meet new demands of different behaviors.  If there is an existing behavior plan, CRP will contact the behaviorist to work collaboratively.


Crisis Response Project offers specialized transportation services for consumers residing in secured developmental centers or state hospitals.

Behavior Management/Follow Up

Crisis Response Project has a philosophy to provide on going behavior management and follow up services to consumers who recently experienced a crisis or problematic behavior. Follow up services include contacting the consumer or caregivers after a crisis to monitor the behaviors and to collect behavioral data for future crisis prevention.

Specialized Assessments

Crisis Response Project has an assessment team that conducts the following specialized assessments:

  • Whole Person Assessments

  • Whole Person Assessments, Annual Updates

  • Suicide Risk Assessments

  • Crisis Intervention Plans

  • Functional Behavioral Assessments

  • Safety De-Escalation Individualized Assessments

  • Transition Assessments

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