Crisis Response Project (CRP)
The Crisis Response Project is a subsidiary of Community Integration Work Program. The Crisis Response Project, since 1996, has been dedicated to providing intensive crisis prevention, emergency response intervention, and follow-up services as support for Regional Center consumers in Alameda, Contra Costa, and Los Angeles counties.
The CRP's goal is to provide crisis prevention, intervention, training, and follow-up services to support families, community homes, and day programs. CRP strives to decrease police involvement and unnecessary psychiatric hospitalizations and to address the very specific mental health and behavioral needs that may pose a barrier to successful community integration.

24/7 Mobile Response Intervention
Utilizing de-escalation techniques, redirection, positive reinforcement, and therapeutic dialogue, CRP works specifically to decrease police involvement and unnecessary psychiatric hospitalizations. Crisis intervention, both over the phone and face to face, is available as support to individual clients, residential facilities, day programs, and families.

Crisis Prevention
CRP works to prevent crisis situations from occurring by providing caregiver training, follow-up phone calls, welfare checks, and behavior management visits. CRP also strives to educate the community through collaboration and training with hospitals, police departments, schools, and mental health agencies.

Crisis Behavioral Training (CBT)
The CBT program provides support, coordinates wraparound services, and educates consumers and their caregivers in order to prevent future behavioral incidents. The goal of the CBT program is to achieve success in maintaining at-risk consumers in their current living arrangements, or to transition consumers to a more appropriate arrangement.

CRP writes comprehensive, holistic clinical assessments which detail the unique skills, desires, and needs of our clients. These assessments inform service professionals through the decision-making process of selection of services, ensuring client success. The following assessments are written by CRP: Crisis Assessments, Transition Assessments, Functional Behavioral Assessments, and Whole Person Assessments.
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» Independent Living Program

Day Programs

CIWP offers unique and distinguishable day programs in which participants learn and practice their social and community utilization skills in natural settings, utilizing everyday social tools.
Work (paid and volunteer), is largely valued at CIWP for its endless possibility of skill acquisition and practice opportunities. Participants learn to maintain appropriate interactions with co-workers and authority figures, make friendships, practice advocacy, in addition to developing their 'on the job' work skills.
CIWP's Day Programs provide the following services:
» Vocational Training, Job Supports, and Business Ownership
» Community Integration
» Self-Advocacy
» Health Maintenance
» Social / Interpersonal Skills
» Augmented Communication
» Behavioral Supports
(Additionally, CIWP offers door-to-door transportation to all participants.)